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Who Are We

Becoming self-sufficient and effective at growing your own food is about doing it sustainably. The Growersreview.com site is full of useful info on how to do that. Regardless of the size of your garden, you’ll be able to get guidance on what to do in order to make it work best for you – and grow more food with fewer resources

It’s not just about lowering our reliance on fossil fuels & commercial fertilizers. You do this by making sure to eat the most nutritious foods. It’s about learning how to properly care for your plants and animals so that you get healthy food from them. Also, it’s about cooking delicious meals for your family that nourish everyone.

Why Care About Your Soil

Plants grow from the soil. You and everything else in the garden are nourished by this single element, which we call ‘earth’.

I would like to ask for advice about my plants – they had been stunting for a while so I looked into the soil. Turns out, it was missing essential nutrients. The plan of attack is first: clean out all old, dead soil from the ground, and then add nutritious food. This will get them back on track in no time!

Your soil is a living breathing organism. It’s teeming with life invisible to the naked eye. Tiny microbes, bacteria, and fungi are the real powerhouses behind all of your plants’ nutrients & they’re what will sustain them in the long term

More than 95% of all crops grown in America are the result of living on dead soil. When fossil fuels run out, what will happen then?

In a time when many of us have forgotten to appreciate the power of nutritious food, we’re now seeing the effects of nutrition-free produce grown on sterile soil. Grocery stores are now devoid of essential nutrients and minerals critical for our bodies’ health and well-being

In an age where most of the food we eat is grown in the unhealthy ground, mass-produced with damaged farming practices, how can we expect to remain healthy? It’s no wonder that the majority of people are sick.

If you care about your health or want to protect your family from higher food prices (since oil will only become more expensive as it runs out), then you ought to grow some of your own food in your backyard.

The good news?

Growing nutrient-dense (germ-rich) food couldn’t be easier. Once you start caring for the soil, your plant’s health will improve and they’ll grow quicker!

Your crops will reward you season after season with bigger and better-nourished harvests as the health of your soil increases. Soon you’ll be!